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GCH. Cinnabar Zenzai

Co-owned with Naomi Sakai

Thank you Michael Goldstein for believing in Azuki. 

Azuki and his favourite handler auntie, Christie Tadaki! Azuki loves to show for Christie and will work especially hard for his favourite roast beef! 

Baby Azuki learning to work those puppy eyes.

Team Cinnabar at the Hawaiian Kennel Club show! 

September 2015 

L to R : 

1. Cheryl Chang with RBIS AM/SG CH.Kellcrest Blue Blood

2. Nola Chock with GCHB. Homewood Ultraviolet

3. Christie Tadaki with GCH.Cinnabar Zenzai

What fun! 

Azuki exemplifies what Cinnabar Shetland Sheepdogs strives to breed: a healthy, intelligent, beautiful sheltie who can excel in all rings! 

Do check out Azuki's performance page here.


Kudos to Mama Naomi who has done so much to put his brains to good use!  

Hawaiian Kennel Club 5-6 Sept 2016 & Hawn Herding Dog Show 6 Sept 2016 

Azuki finishes as Grand Champion with 2 HKC BOS and 1 HHDS BOS ! 

Many thanks to good friend Cheryl Chang (Da Mao Pekingese) for handling and grooming him so beautifully! 

Azuki gets his Grand Champion at the Sept 2016 Hawaii Kennel Club shows!  
Thank you Ms. Sharon Derrick for the BOS and Cheryl Chang for the beautiful grooming and handling.
Azuki, ungroomed

Hawaii Sheltie Specialty March 2017

Azuki and Violet (GCH. Homewood Ultraviolet) takes Select Dog and Select Bitch under breeder judge Cheryl Anderson

Many thanks to good friend Cheryl Chang (Da Mao Pekingese) for handling and grooming Azuki so beautifully!  

Many thanks to Katriina Kanemoto and Elim Cheng for handling and grooming Violet! 

Azuki and Cheryl on the move!

Azuki takes BOB and Grop 3 under Mrs. Noreen Harris in the April 2017 Windward Hawaiian Dog Facniers Association show! Thank you Judge Harris for the honor and Cheryl Chang for the beautiful handling.

Azuki is the litter brother of our beautiful Cinnabar Indigo Girl, out of Lyronc Akirene Dreamgirl. He politely invites you to visit their pages, too! Woof! 

Azuki's pedigree

Hips: OFA excellent 

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