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Cinnabar Challenger

Cinnabar Challenger - 'Kip'

Owned by Emma-Lei Gerrish, Kip lives an enviable life on the beautiful Big Island with plenty of land, cows and nosy poultry. 


Kip is the son of Mr Personality, Cooper, out of our home-bred girl Sequoia. He is also the brother of Chez and Brie! Like his parents and brothers, Kip has tons of toy drive and a fearless approach to life. 

Baby Kip.jpg

Handsome 8-week old baby Kip! 

Kip is also a close cousin of Ozzie and Reverie.  


Kip is a very lucky pup who gets to roam many acres of wilderness with his Mom. 


Much like his brothers and cousins, Kip loves the beach! 


Kip's daily chores includes helping his Mom to move cows around his farm. He does love his cattle! . 


Underneath this sweet puppy face lies a toy monster! 

Snapseed (8).jpg

Teenage Kip with Mom, Emma. Kip is actively pursuing agility and he makes a lovely team with his Mom!  


Older teenage Kip. 


Kip's beautiful backyard. 

Kip has blossomed into a great helper at his owner's farm. He loves to help out with chores, and his livestock of choice to take care of is surprisingly, the cattle! 


We are amazed by Kip's courage and strength as it is not typical of a sheltie to have enough force to move cattle. Kip is also an independent worker and is able to make sure that the cattle get to their destination, even if it is a mile away. Bravo, Kip!  



Thank you, Emma, for all the love for Kip!   

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