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Cinnabar East Chanterelle

Cinnabar East Chanterelle - 'Ella'

Ella has packed her bags for a holiday, and is currently having a blast with Svetlana Kreslina of Flyland shelties in Latvia! 

IMG_6677 (1).PNG

Ella at 8 weeks 

IMG_6673 (1).PNG

Ella is our keeper girl sired by Cinnabar Bugatti Noir out of Sharndah Blueberry Wine. She is the best of both parents packed into a small, spicy package!


Like her paternal grandmother Sequoia and great-grandmother Violet, Ella is extra feisty. She particularly reminds us of Violet. 

IMG_3374 (1)_edited.jpg

Adorable little Ella very quickly had us wrapped around her paw! 


Ella and her sister Mercy love a good chase game. 

All DNA tests normal. DMS: AaBb Low risk. Hip/elbow: Prelim Good/Normal. Cardiac: Normal: Patella: Normal. Eyes: OFA Normal. Bi factored. 

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