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Cinnabar East Phantasmagoria

Cinnabar East Phantasmagoria - 'Phanta'

Together with his clinical psychologist owner, little Phanta helps  patients on a professional basis. We are very proud of this Ozzie x Scher son.  

Phanta currently works at The Gentle Paws psychotherapy clinic. 


Phanta is also an aspiring, charismatic little show dog. 

Cinnabar East Phantasmagoria.jpg

Stoic, calm and unflappable, Phanta is an ideal therapy dog for psychotherapy work.  

He is particularly good with people looking to overcome their fear of dogs. 


Phanta patiently waiting for his turn in the show ring.


Off work, Phanta likes to enjoy a good romp at the beach with

his litter sister, Panda. 

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