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Cinnabar Moonlit 



OTCH MACH Cinnabar Moonlit Lacy Night UDX2 OM3 MX MXB MXJ MJB MFS TQX CGC TKA - "Lacy"

Co-owned with/handled by Wanda Koyada.

Lacy acing the 'A' frame! 

Weaving the poles like the wind...

Wanda and Lacy have had an impressive career together. 


They made an eye-catching debut in the Novice class under Judge Sue Sellers Rose at the Aloha State Sporting Dog Assn. all-breed obedience trial held June 25, 2011.  Score: 197. 


This was Lacy's first try in the ring. Not yet two years old at the time, Wanda and Lacy had also just started her agility career and recently earned her first Q in Novice Jumpers.  She also had two Q's in the Novice Fast. 

Since that early debut, Wanda and Lacy have continued to do very well in obedience and agility.  In obedience, they are competing at the highest levels in the Utility B and Open B classes, earning numerous Highest Scoring Dog in Trial (HIT) and Highest Combined Score in Trial (Hi Combined) awards. The HIT is given to the highest scoring dog in competition that day and the Hi Combined is given to the dog earning the highest combined score in Utility B/Open B.

Lacy also competes at a very high level in agility.  She has earned her Master's titles in Standard, Jumpers and Weaves, and Fast.  She is amazingly fast and fun to watch on the agility course.


Congratulations to Wanda and Lacy!  We are so very proud of this team!!!! 

Lacy takes a break at an agility trial

Wanda and Lacy were recently featured in a community service video of a dog training class offered by Art's Dog Obedience Club.  It's a simple, yet interesting piece explaining the benefits of dog training and agility work to the general public.  Their segment includes demonstrations of the various Utility level obedience work. 


Wanda and Lacy's segment occurs within about the first ten minutes, although the entire video is about 20 minutes.  Another Cinnabar dog, "Beamer" is featured later in the same video, demonstrating Beginners Agility.

Lacy's pedigree
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