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In Memorium

GCH. Cinnabar Azure 

GCH. Cinnabar Azure- "Kami"
GCH. Cinnabar Azure- "Kami"

*Kami's page comes with her song! Please turn your speakers on! 

March 23, 2009 -  3 March 2017
shetland sheepdog, shelties, sheltie, hawaii, cinnabar
shetland sheepdog, shelties, hawaii, oahu, dogs,

Shetland Sheepdog Club of Hawaii

March 12, 2011 (Winner's Bitch, 4 points)

Breeder Judge:  Sulie Greendale-Paveza


This young homebred bitch, co bred with Marsha Ajirogi, has just started her career in the ring and loves to show.

She is expertly handled by Melvia Leong. 

shetland sheepdog, shelties, hawaii, oahu, dogs, beautiful

Hawaiian Herding Dog Association, August 14, 2011

Breeder Judge:  Edna (Katie) Gammill

Best of Opposite Sex (over specials), Winners Bitch 4 points


Thank you to breeder judge Katie Gammill for awarding Kami her second major, and to handler Melvia Leong for her exquisite presentation!

shetland sheepdog, shelties, hawaii, oahu, dogs, west oahu kennel club, hawaii kennel club, dog shows

West Oahu Kennel Club Dog All Breed Show, August 20,2011

Judge:  Charles Trotter

Best of Opposite Sex (over specials), Best of Winners, 3 points


Thank you to respected judge Charles Trotter for awarding another major to this young bitch - we are ecstatic!  We also send thanks to Melvia Leong (not available for this photo) for another great handling job!

Thank you to all the judges who recognized Kami's quality, including


Chuck Trotter (3 pts)


Breeder Judges

Julie Greendale Paveza (4 pts)

Katie Gammill (4 pts)

Robert Frost (5 pts)


Handled here in photo by:  Michael Goldstein

Thank you Michael Goldstein for believing in Kami. 


Shetland sheepdog Club Hawaii Specialty, 8 March 2015. 

Breeder Judge Rick Thompson.


Thank you Christie Tadaki for finishing Kami, and then handling her expertly to her Grand Championship! 

shetland sheepdog, shelties, hawaii, oahu, dogs, west oahu kennel club, hawaii kennel club, dog shows


Portrait of Kami

Kami enjoys an afternoon snack

Kami in the yard 

Kami in early evening light 

On October 17, 2016, Kami was diagnosed with lymphoma and given only two months to live.  We were devastated as she loved life and lived for the show ring.  With the help and support of dear friend Elim Cheng, we decided to forgo chemotherapy and instead placed Kami upon a managed diet which included regimen of alternative herbs and supplements. She did very well on this for four months until the last few weeks. Thank you to Elim for giving us those precious extra months to love and cherish our beautiful Kami.


Kami wins Best Veteran Bitch under esteemed judge Nioma Coen in the 2016 Fall Hawaii Sheltie Specialty


This was Kami's last show. 


Beautifully groomed by Elim Cheng and presented by Nola Chock.  

Best Veteran Bitch, SSCH Specialty Show, November 6, 2016

Nola and Kami on the move, watched by Judge Nioma Coen.  

Nola and Kami at their last show together. 

But life will call with daffodils
And morning glorious blue skies
You'll think of me, some memory
And softly smile to your surprise.


And even though you love me still
You will know where you belong
Just give it time we'll both be fine
When I'm gone

Kami's pedigree
When I'm gone - Joey + Rory
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