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GCHB. Homewood Ultraviolet

GCHB. Homewood Ultraviolet- "Violet"

*Violet's page comes with her song! Please turn your speakers on! 

You are a song - John Batdorf & Mark Rodney
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Homewood Ultraviolet 

Adorable baby Violet at approximately 4 months old. 

Thank you to Patty for sharing this lovely photo!

We send a warm and heartfelt Thank You to Wendy, Patti and Carl for sending Violet to Hawaii.  She is a delight to live with and we enjoy her immensely.


Since her arrival in 2015, Violet quickly finished her Championship and is now chasing those last few points to attain her Grand Championship Bronze (GCHB)

Violet is a confident girl and loves to show! 



Puppy Violet takes SVSSC RWB as a puppy under breeder Judge Carolyn Ing!  Handler: Lisa Tatsuno 
Thank you Patty for this photo! 
Violet takes the NNSSC BOW/BOS under breeder Judge Liz Bianchi! ​
Handled by: Cindy Robinson 
Thank you Patty for this photo! 
Violet takes the March 2017 Hawaii Shetland Sheepdog Specialty BOS under breeder Judge ​Suzanne Healy!
Handled by: Katrina Kanemoto
Violet getting prepped for show, March 2017 Hawaii Sheltie Specialty 
Thank you Katrina Kanemoto of Mistique Kennels for handling Violet at the Hawaii March 2017 Sheltie Specialty !
GCH. Homewood Ultraviolet takes Group two under Judge Elizabeth Muthard for the 11 March 2017 Hawaii Kennel Club show!
The next day, Violet takes Group 3 under Judge Charles L. Olvis for the 12 March 2017 (right) Hawaii Kennel Show! 
Handler: Nola Chock
Thank you Judge Elizabeth Muthard for the 11 March 2017 Hawaii Kennel Club show wins! 
Left (Handled by Nola Chock) : GCH Homewood Ultraviolet BOB, GROUP 3 
Right: (Handled by Cheryl Chang): GCH. Cinnabar Zenzai, BOS

Violet, Sept 2017, at the Hawaiian Kennel Club show 

Hawaiian Herding Dog show 10 December 2017.

(Left, SD) GCh Cinnabar Zenzai CDX BN PCS RAE AX ACJ OF T2B handled by Cheryl Chang

(Right, SB) GCh Homewood Ultraviolet handled by Nola Chock

Thank you Judge Minna-Liisa Koltes!

Whenever I am feeling low

Whenever things start moving slow

And everything I do seems to go wrong

That's when I run straight to you

Cuz that's where skies are always blue

And music plays the whole night through

Cuz love, you are a song.

Violet's pedigree
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