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can. ch linkridge mini cooper

Can. Ch. Linkridge Mini Cooper - 'Cooper'

Owned by Karen Linkletter 


Many, many thanks to Karen Linkletter of Linkridge Shelties (Canada) for sending Cooper to us for a short Hawaii holiday. We cannot say enough how much we love his temperament; he makes us laugh every day! An avid lover of balls, people, new experiences and life, Cooper has much to contribute. We cannot wait to see what else he does for the breed. Cooper is expected to return to Canada end 2019. 


Cooper is the half-brother of our beautiful Laureate Cloudberry. They share the same sire and same sense of humour!  

Cooper is also related to Laureate Who's that Girl through the dam line. 


Cooper wins his first American major (4 pts) in Hawaii, under Specialty Judge Patricia Skinner. We are so thrilled! Thank you Katrina Kanemoto for the handling and Stevie Wei for the beautiful grooming! 


Cooper hanging out in his Hawaiian garden, July 2019 


Cooper playing his favorite game of fetch in the backyard. 

Cooper's pedigree
Cooper pedigree.png
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