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GCH. Sirio bad moon rising at coronet

GCH. Sirio Bad Moon Rising at Coronet - "Cassidy"
Co-owned with Gladys Tan & Elim Cheng

Cass is currently enjoying a pampered life in Singapore, where he is busy charming every one he meets. 

Cass , March 2018. 

Thank you Eileen Sim and Michelle Chua for helping out with the photoshoot! 

Cass is the perfect sheltie gentleman and is such a joy to live with. He has also consistently passed his gentle, steadfast temperament to his offspring.  

Thank you Cathy Moon for sharing Cassidy with us! We do so love him. 

We are very proud of our Cass sons. They are every bit as sweet and coat-factored as he is ! 

Please check out their pages here: 

1. CH. Cinnabar No Moon Tonight 

2. Cinnabar Moon and Stars 


Cass, 2018 December

Cass's pedigree
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