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Cinnabar Zenzai

GCH Cinnabar Zenzai CDX PCD BN RE OA AXJ OF-- 'Azuki'

Co-owned with Naomi Sakai

Naomi and Azuki doing heelwork. They make a fabulous team! 

Azuki also plays in the agility ring and loves jumping! 

Azuki is a driven dog and loves to work! 

'Here I go!' ~ Azuki

Here are some agility ribbons that young Azuki has gotten...

Harold K.L Castle Perpetual Trophy 2014

Azuki and Proud Mama Naomi with his new Excellent Standard Title! Congratulations on your great work, guys! We are so proud of you!   

We can't wait to see what Team Azuki and Naomi does next!


Hawn Agility Trial 23rd July 2016

A true all-rounder sheltie, Azuki also does well in conformation rings.


Visit his conformation page here

You may also wish to drop by Azuki's beautiful sister's page: Cinnabar Indigo Girl

Azuki's pedigree
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