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mbiss gchb kell happy aom

MBISS AM GCHB CAN CH Kell Happy AOM - 'Pharrell'
done awesome face smile_happy.jpg

Thank you breeders breeders Amy, Jeannette and Abby for sharing this beautiful tri-factored, moderate boy with us ! 


Thank you Stevie Wei of Glorytime Shelties for handling Pharrell to his debut wins in Hawaii ! 

Also a big thank you to Judges Gloria Kerr, Robert Stein, Judith A. Brown, Patricia Skinner and Carl Skinner,  for recognising his quality. 

done best stand side_happy.png

DNA testing complete and all normal, DMS aaBb 2:01/2:01,

eyes, thyroid, patella normal. Full dentition. Hips OFA: Good

Together with Phanta, Pharrell is currently actively contributing to the community by working as a therapy dog at The Gentle Paws, a pet-assisted psychotherapy clinic. 

Please also check out his son's, Bud's page here

Pharrell's pedigree

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